Welcome to Bathurst Manor

This large Toronto neighbourhood, stretches from Steeles in the north to Sheppard in the south. The western boundary is Allen Road and Dufferin, and the eastern boundary zigs and zags, roughly following the course of the Don River through G. Ross Lord Park, the West Don Parkland, the Carscadden Greenbelt, and the Hinder Property.

What it's like

Bathurst Manor is a moderately priced neighbourhood – it is not too expensive, but it is not especially cheap either. There are some kosher restaurants and shops in the area, and prices there tend to be a bit on the higher side, but no more so than kosher food in general.

Average Sale Price
Number of Sales
Average Household Income

The Neighbourhood

Bathurst Manor is a young and family-oriented neighbourhood, with many households being made up of couples with children at home. It is also a culturally diverse area, with a large percentage of residents speaking a home language that is neither English nor French. The residents of Bathurst Manor also tend to be well-educated.

Bathurst Manor has plenty of green space, with G. Ross Lord Park, the West Don Parkland, the Carscadden Greenbelt, and lots of smaller parks. The Forest Valley Outdoor Education Centre is a great place for people of all ages to experience the outdoors. The area has public and private schools, a community centre and skating rink, and synagogues.

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